Royal Mail Pricing 2019

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Royal Mail Prices 2019

Royal Mail prices have increased again this year. The the biggest change is stamp prices, the price of a 1st Class stamp will increase by 3p to 70p and the price of a 2nd Class stamp will increase by 3p to 61p from 25th March 2019.

But with these increases in stamp prices comes a larger saving with Franking Prices and Mailmark Franking Prices.

See the below tables for the full breakdown:

1st and 2nd Class - Stamp prices vs Standard Franking vs Mailmark Franking

Format Weight 1st Class 1st Class Standard Franking 1st Class Mailmark Franking 1st Class Savings (Standard/Mailmark) 2nd Class 2nd Class Standard Franking 2nd Class Mailmark Franking 2nd Class Savings (Standard/Mailmark)
Letter 100g 70p 64p 61p 6/9p 61p 47p 41p 14/20p
Large Letter 100g £1.06 £1.01 95p 5/11p 83p 77p 72p 6/11p
250g £1.50 £1.40 £1.34 10/16p £1.32 £1.09 £1.03 23/29p
500g £1.97 £1.85 £1.73 12/24p £1.72 £1.41 £1.35 31/37p
750g £2.72 £2.59 £2.44 13/28p £2.33 £1.98 £1.89 35/44p

Mailmark Franking Savings Against Stamps

Mailmark Vs Stamp costs (based on 2nd Class Letters, costs rounded up to the nearest pound)
Letters Per Month

Cost with Stamps

Cost with Mailmark Franking Cost Saving PM Cost Saving PA
80 £50 £33.61 £16.39 £196.72
165 £100 £67.21 £32.79 £393.44
330 £200 £134.43 £65.57 £786.89
490 £300 £201.64 £98.36 £1,180.33
820 £500 £336.07 £163.93 £1,967.21

Mailmark Franking Savings Against Standard Franking

Standard Franking Vs Mailmark Franking costs (based on 2nd Class Letters, costs rounded up to the nearest pound)

Standard Franking Monthly Recredit

No. of Letters with Recredit Amount Mailmark Monthly Recredit for the same amount of letters Cost Saving PM Cost Saving PA
£50 106 £43.62 £6.38 £76.60
£100 213 £87.23 £12.77 £153.19
£200 426 £174.47 £25.53 £306.38
£300 638 £261.70 £38.30 £459.57
£500 1064 £436.17 £63.83 £765.96


For the full costings including parcels & international prices please refer to the Royal Mail website:

What does Mailmark Franking mean for your business?

  • Automatic selection of Royal Mail franking products on your mailmark franking machine.
  • Automatic prices: no need to look at charts, minimised incorrect pricing, less underpayment or overpayment, and less administration fees.
  • A professional finish to your mail with additional room for your logo or additional business information.
  • Mailmark franking machines have the lowest prices for Royal Mail franking products and services.
  • A ‘reply pay’ service that offers many benefits for different business sectors
  • Additional reporting to your product at no extra cost from Royal Mail for the best value.

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark Franking is Royal Mail’s newest and most efficient franking mark, offering the best value to business customers. Using the latest digital technology, Mailmark replaces traditional franking with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode. DPS is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Mailmark enabled franking machines.

Designed for high volume, high quality machine readable mail, Mailmark has a number of benefits for business customers:

Save up to a third on postage costs

  • Mailmark can help businesses save up to a third on their mailing costs – with a typical first class Mailmark letter costing 11p less than a stamp. Automatic tarrif updates ensure that you will always access the right rate.

Increase Efficiency

  • Mailmark machines automatically select the right product and the right price for your mail, helping you to avoid over-payment, cut administration fees and boost mail processing time.

Maximise Performance

  • Mailmark helps businesses to accurately track and analyse their mailing via an online analytics dashboard. In just one click, businesses can find out when a consignment has arrived, when it's predicted to be delivered and how well it performs. 

Support Business Growth

  • Mailmark gives your communications a polished and professional appearance. It also gives you access to a new Prepay Business Reply product, driving responses to your business and generating revenue.

A Future Proof Solution

  • Mailmark technology ensures that your business can access future intelligent products and services – and stay one step ahead of your competitors.


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