Olivetti D-COPIA 3013MF photocopier

The black-and-white multifunctional desktop devices 3013MF, 3013MF plus and 3014MF are the perfect solutions for professionals and small workgroups who need compact, high-speed products.

The systems print and copy at a speed of 30 ppm, offer outstanding scan performance up to 35 ipm and ensure management of heavy-duty print workloads.

3013MF, 3013MF plus and 3014MF, furthermore, guarantee both low-energy consumption and respect for the environment.


Key Features

Print/copy speed: 30 ppm

Scan speed: up to 35 ppm

667 MHz CPU and RAM memory expandable up to 1.5 GB

Automatic reverse document feeder*

First print out: 6 seconds.

Standard print, copy, colour scan and fax functions (fax on 3014MF only)

Standard duplex unit

Two optional paper trays for maximum

Document transmission via scan to EMAIL/FTP/SMB/USB

AIRPRINT® compatibility

High security guaranteed by IPSEC, SSL, Secure Printing** and optional Card Reader


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