Olivetti d-Color MF223

The Olivetti d-Color MF223 photocopier delivers unparalleled efficiency, functionality and productivity to modern office environments. As a multi-functional system, the d-Color MF223 provides modular flexibility to meet the most demanding of office photocopying needs and can support up to 1,000 individual user profiles to allow for customised printing – meeting everyone’s print requirements. The d-Color MF233 has excellent connectivity and compatibility – allowing users to print from their mobile devices – and comes with a colour touch screen display for ease of use.

Functional and robust

As a multi-functional system, the d-Color MF223 is an excellent solution for businesses looking for high-quality technology at an affordable price. The d-Color MF223, due to its technological sophistication and compatibility with the latest solutions, integrates seamlessly within modern offices and can be used for the most demanding of needs.

Always connected

Featuring an intuitive, 7” touch panel user interface similar to that of a PC, tablet or smartphone, the d-Color MF233 can be used by anyone in the business without any technical expertise or know-how. This allows for convenient, direct access and quick execution of tasks.

The interface also comes with a standard web browser to allow surfing and printing directly from the Internet. Near field communication (NFC) devices and iOS devices communicating via Bluetooth can allocate print jobs directly to the d-Color MF233, allowing anyone in the office to print on demand, and other types of connection can also be used for printing from devices. Airprint is provided as standard on the d-Color MF233 and it can also support Google Cloud Print, providing the right software connector is installed. 

Practical and reliable

The d-Color MF223 is designed to handle intense workloads. The standard paper capacity is 1,100 sheets, divided between a 500-sheet A4 tray, a 500-sheet maximum capacity A3 format tray, and a 100-sheet-by-pass tray for formats from A6 to A3 size. Paper capacity can be further increased to a maximum of 3,600 sheets using the optional PC-414 2,500-sheet tray.

Flexible printing solution

To ensure ease of use and ideal set up for individual users, the d-Color MF223 allows personal user profiles and access for up to 1,000 users. The administrator can set up personal user profiles for employees within the business, determining the functions they can use. This makes for streamlined printing as every employee can automatically configure the d-Color MF223 to print exactly what they need. 

Product Overview

A speed of 22 pages per minute

7” touch screen panel with intuitive user interface

Near field communication (NFC) connection area integrated in operator panel

Integrated web browser and printing using Airprint & Google Cloud Print

Up to 1,000 individual user profiles for customised printing

Paper capacity of 3,600 sheets maximum

Reduced energy consumption

Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning of “searchable PDF” or Microsoft Office optimised files

Compact dimensions

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