Frama Matrix F82

Sending more than 800 letters per day? Scale your franking capability with the Frama Matrix F82, a mid to high-volume franking machine solution

The Frama Matrix F82 – part of the Matrix F series, the latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications – is a high-volume, Mailmark compliant franking machine.

Capable of processing mail items at a speed of 140 letters per minute and over 8,000 letters per hour using its automatic feeder technology, the Frama Matrix F82 is a must-have for any large-scale print activities.

The Frama Matrix F82 combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation, making it the perfect choice for multi-user environments.

OneTouch functionality

The Frama Matrix F82 comes with OneTouch technology enabled – essentially touch screen operation – making it easy for anyone to use the franking machine. It guides you through the process and will automatically compute the correct tariff for your mail. It also comes with 36 programmable OneTouch functions, ensuring that the most used postal tariff options are available quickly.

Mailmark compliant

As well as OneTouch technology, the Frama Matrix F82 is Mailmark ready, allowing you to use Royal Mail’s next generation of franking technology and benefit from their lowest franking tariff. Mailmark barcodes technology facilitates online analytics and reporting, giving you more control over and insight into your mail. 

Royal Mail tariff information is automatically tracked and updated on your franking machine, ensuring that your postage rates are always correct when using Mailmark.

Smart meter technology

The Frama Matrix F82 has smart meter technology integrated, meaning that whenever an item of mail is franked, the machine can report back information about the service used and whether or not VAT was applied. This can automatically be reported to Royal Mail and a VAT statement or invoice will be issued to you.

High-quality printing

The Frama Matrix F82 comes with a high-quality print mode called HQPrint, allowing you to print your company logo or other advertising messages in impressive contrast and crisp lettering on a wide variety of envelopes, giving a great finishing touch to your correspondence. The Frama Matrix F82 has 12 freely definable advertising stamps, 3 built-in graphic messages and 5 text messages which can be entered.

LAN connectivity

Featuring high-speed integrated Ethernet LAN, the Frama Matrix F82 can be connected to the Internet and your business’ internal network for data transfer, tariff changes (thanks to FramaOnline2), and downloads and software updates – all of which can be completed safely and quickly.


Product Overview

Mailmark compliant

Large back-lit colour touchscreen display with 36 OneTouch functions

Integrated Ethernet LAN interface (RJ45)

Bar graph indicators for postage credit and consumable levels

Stack weighing mode for automatic recalculation of postage

150 cost centres (can be expanded to 250)

12 freely definable advertising stamps, 3 built-in graphic messages, 5 text messages which can be modified

Flexibility with a professional appearance for your outgoing mail

High-quality printing of postage amount and your advertising stamp with HQPrint mode

10 mm thickness capacity, integrated side ejection of letters

Fully automatic feeder for more comfortable use

Optional letter sealing unit

Label dispenser

Always the latest postage rates thanks to online tariff updates via FramaOnline2

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