Frama Matrix F32

Are you a medium or large business franking on a regular basis? Enhance your franking capability and reduce your costs with the Frama Matrix F32 franking machine.

The Frama Matrix F32 is ideal for medium to large organisations that frank mail on a regular basis and are either looking to reduce the cost of their franking function or upgrade their franking systems.

Capable of processing mail items at as peed of 50 letters per minute – with exceptional ink yield – the Frama Matrix F32 franking machine is a mid-volume franking machine with semi-automatic letter feed operation.

It also comes equipped with Mailmark – the latest in franking machine technology – and OneTouch functionality to streamline the production and processing of your mail items.

Lastly, keep connected! The Frama Matrix F32 comes with LAN connectivity via the RJ45 Ethernet connection. It can be connected directly to the internet or your business’ network, allowing for quick software updates and the downloading of the latest postal tariffs.  

Mailmark compliant
Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking mark – a 2D, machine-readable barcode – is the latest in franking technology and the cheapest franking tariff. Mailmark-enabled franking machines can deliver a more professional finish to items of mail, and tariffs are automatically updated as and when necessary.

OneTouch functionality
Touchscreen operation – or OneTouch – enables anyone in the business to use the franking machine with ease. The Frama Matrix F32 comes with 30 programmable OneTouch functions, ensuring that the most used postal tariff options are available quickly.

High-quality printing
The HQ print mode allows you to print high-quality messages and images at 600 dpi and the Frama Matrix F32 includes 3 pre-programmed slogans, 6 customer-specific ad slogans, and 3 self-programmable text messages additional to ad slogans, providing an excellent way to advertise your business and/or include personal messages.

Smart meter technology
Like most modern franking machines, the Frama Matrix F32 comes equipped with smart meter technology as standard. Smart meter technology allows you to frank in blue ink and improve the readability of your impressions. In addition, you benefit from accessing all of Royal Mail’s VAT services, allowing you to reclaim any paid VAT back.

Product Overview

Mailmark compliant

Large back-lit colour touchscreen display with 30 OneTouch functions

Integrated Ethernet LAN interface (RJ45)

Stack weighing mode for automatic recalculation of postage

25 cost centres expandable up to 100

6 freely definable advertising stamps, 3 built-in graphic messages and 3 text messages

Flexibility with a professional appearance for your outgoing mail

High-quality printing of postage amount and your advertising stamp with HQPrint mode

10 mm thickness capacity, integrated side ejection of letters

Semi-automatic feeding for added comfort

Extremely user-friendly, totally self-explanatory

Always the latest postage rates thanks to online tariff updates via FrameOnline2

LAN connectivity via Ethernet RJ45 network

HQPrint functionality

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