Frama Matrix F22

Designed for a wide range of applications, the Matrix Frama F22 delivers sophisticated, low-volume franking for small mail operations

The Frama Matrix F22 franking machine – part of the Matrix F series, the latest generation of franking systems for a wide range of applications – is a sophisticated low-volume franking machine designed for businesses that process a small amount of mail.

Suitable for small businesses or anyone who has just started franking mail, the Frama Matrix F22 franking machine is simple, straightforward and feature rich. It’s capable of processing 25 letters per minute and has a maximum letter thickness of 10mm.

Thanks to its intelligent functionality and touchscreen capability, it can be used by anyone on without extensive experience, making it a great first solution for any business’ print environment.

Mailmark compliant

Benefit from the latest and most affordable franking mark. Mailmark is Royal Mail’s new, state-of-the-art 2D barcode technology that is machine readable. Mailmark comes at no cost to your business and the 2D barcode contains information on the mail item, from where it is and when it’s going out for delivery to custom reporting and monitoring.

Mailmark is the cheapest Royal Mail tariff available and guaranteed to save you money on your postage.

OneTouch functionality

With 24 fully programmable touch screen functions, the Frama Matrix F22 allows you to quickly select your most used postal tariff options using OneTouch functionality, making it easy for everyone to use the machine. Simply touch and frank.

Smart meter technology

Smart meter technology is integrated into the Frama Matrix F22, meaning that any item franked can be reported on and the machine can determine whether or not VAT was applied. This information can automatically be reported to Royal Mail and a VAT statement or invoice will be issued to you for you to claim it back at a later date.

High-quality printing

HQPrint mode enables you to print high-quality images and advertising messages directly onto your franked mail at 600 dpi. It comes with 3 built-in graphic messages, 3 text messages which can be customised and 5 customer-specific ad slogans.

LAN connectivity

With the RJ45 Ethernet providing a fast and stable connection for data transfer between your franking machine and the FramaOnline2 system, you can be confident that your Frama Matrix F22 is always up to date and has the latest tariff changes configured.

Product Overview

Mailmark compliant

Large back-lit touchscreen display with 24 OneTouch functions

Integrated Ethernet LAN interface (RJ45)

Stack weighing mode for automatic recalculation of postage

10 cost centres (can be expanded)

6 freely definiable advertising stamps

3 built-in graphic messages, 3 text messages which can be modified

Flexibility with a professional appearance for your outgoing mail

High-quality printing of postage and your advertising stamp with HQPrint mode

10 mm thickness capacity, integrated side ejection of letters

Extremely user-friendly, totally self-explanatory

Always the latest postage rates thanks to online tariff updates via FramaOnline2

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