Frama F12 Franking Machine

Product ID: F12

A worthwhile investment, even with just a few letters a day.

The F12 is specifically designed to meet your requirements. The entire team can use it straight away, because it has what the other brands lack: high grade effective intelligence.

First, in the form of the intuitive, One Touch Technology, which frees you from operating instructions and postage tables. And secondly 18 programmable mail class combinations can be stored, enabling you to prepare even the most complex types of mailings with just the touch of a button.

The remarkable HQ print mode with 600 dpi resolution provides full contrast and sharpness for either your company logo or other advertising messages on a wide variety of envelope stock!

Your F12 comes configured and ready to use.


Low Volumes

Lan Network

15 Letters Per Minute


Product overview

MailmarkTM compliant

Large back-lit touchscreen display with 18 OneTouch functions

Perfect integration of the scale with pop-up weight display and automatic postage recalculation

9 cost centres (can be expanded) with clear text designation in reports

6 freely definable advertising stamps

3 text messages which can be freely entered: flexibility with a professional appearance for your outgoing mail

Top-quality printing of postage amount and your advertising stamp with HQPrint mode

Extremely user-friendly and totally self-explanatory

Always the latest postage rates thanks to online tariff updates

VAT compatible Smart Franking Meter

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