Digital Franking Machines & Office Photocopiers

The very best postal solutions for your business

All of our franking machines are fully Digital and MailMark ready, ensuring that you are getting the most value from your investment. The majority of the machines we provide come from our manufacturing partner Frama who have over 45 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of solutions within the mail-processing sector. High Quality reliable products are the foundation of their success in Europe and we are bringing that to the UK market.

Each of the franking machines have a unique patented ComTouch™ operating concept with OneTouch technology. Fast, simple determination of the proper postage amount – without postage charts, codes and operating instructions! If you already have a franking machine then you might want to know that on average we save our customers between 30%-50% on their existing franking machine agreements. See our full range of Franking Machines below and get in touch with any questions you might have.

The very best postal solutions for your business

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Get more from your mail with Mailmark

Mailmark Franking is our newest and most efficient Franking mark. It supersedes the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with a machine readable 2D barcode. Using the latest digital technology, Mailmark replaces traditional franking with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode.

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How much is your franked mail really costing you?

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