DPS Business Mail Advanced

The advantages of business mail via our DPS franking machines

What is Business Mail Advanced ?

Discover the business advantages of Business Mail Advanced from Royal Mail today through your DPS Franking Machine. Business Mail Advanced is a Royal Mail product presented by DPS which offers a discount to high volume users sending 500 or more letters in one transaction. As discounts are based on volume, the more letters sent in a single transaction, the bigger the discount! Qualifying mail items are cheaper than the MailMark equivalent frank price.

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How does Business Mail Advanced work ?

To use Business Mail Advanced you will need to: 

• Have defined letter parameters including address location and clear zones. 
• Apply for a Royal Mail licence: DPS can do this for you.
• Regularly mail at least 500 items in a batch. 
• Complete an Online Business Account (OBA) form. 
• Present the letters in trays. 

Royal Mail sorting machines will read the license number, check the letters for address accuracy and allocate a discount on a ‘per letter’ basis for all items automatically sorted. Any items that fail to be automatically sorted are charged as standard franked meter items.

What Discount Will I Receive ?

Each automatically sorted letter will be discounted by 10.5% on 1st Class and 15% on 2nd Class based on the franking tariff.

There is also an additional discount of up to 7.5% based on the volume of letters you send.

The discounts are received by YOU automatically in the form of a rebate. You don’t need to do anything extra.

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Business Mail Advanced FAQs

You will download the digital license images directly into your franking machine. You then select Business Mail Advanced in the product menu, select the Business Mail Advanced license and the franking machine will automatically print the license on to your letters.

Yes. 500 letters per class of mail on the day of posting.

Do I have to post 500 letters every day?

No. You only have to use Business Mail Advanced when you need it but you must send in batches of 500 when you use it.

Letters can weigh no more than 100g.

Maximum size of 240mm x 165mm
Minimum size of 145mm x 110mm
Maximum thickness of 5mm
Minimum thickness of 0.25mm

You simply select Business Mail Advanced on your franking machine and frank your post as normal. Discount payments will be made up to 6 weeks later.
The address must be in the correct area on the front of the envelope as outlined by Royal Mail.
Royal Mail require certain areas on letters to be kept clear, these are called clearzones. These are areas where Royal Mail will print barcodes.

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