What is a smart franking machine?

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What is a smart franking machine? ...

So you want to know about SMART franking machines? You’ve come to the right place.

Unlike standard franking machines that just frank mail items – SMART franking machines can also identify different types of mail to work out if VAT is applicable.

They can streamline your mail processing, remove human error and – most importantly – save you money.

But how do they work? Well, keep reading our blog and find out..

What can a SMART franking machine do?

1. Reclaim and calculate VAT

If you are sending mail using Royal Mail services that are liable to VAT, you need a SMART franking machine.

A SMART franking machines allows you to frank mail at a price that Is inclusive of VAT and keeps a record of spend. If you use a Royal Mail service that is exempt from VAT, you can use the records to generate a VAT invoice and claim the excess back from HMRC.

This will save your finance team an incredible amount of time as they don’t have to chase you for mail invoices at the end of each month.


2. Reduce friction and human error

As SMART franking machines automatically record all the data you need to actually claim back VAT, you don’t have to spend weeks getting receipts together.

Also, as information comes directly from the franking machine – you don’t have to worry about errors.

Not sure where to start with franked mail? Read our guide on how to use a  franking machine.


3. Monitor spend

As mentioned previously, SMART franking machines can monitor your mail expenditure.

Having this kind of visibility can be tremendously useful for print/post audits. For example, if you want to work out what mail services are costing the most money – you can easily check that on your franking machine.

You can also set up cost centres to separate spending either by service or department. Setting up cost centres per business department will simplify spending reviews and VAT invoicing for business units.

Lastly, if you have fixed mail budgets for each department, cost centres will quickly show which departments are over or underspending.

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What are the other benefits of SMART franking machines?

SMART franking machines can do so much more than just track and monitor spend and calculate VAT:

  • Automatically update tariffs online

SMART franking machines will automatically update postage tariffs so you don’t have to. Providing the machine is connected via ethernet to the internet, it’ll update as and when necessary.

  • Frank mail items using Mailmark

Most SMART franking machines are Mailmark ready, so if you want to take advantage of Royal Mail’s cheapest and most efficient franking service – you can. Find out more about Mailmark here.

  • Empower your finance team

There’s nothing more troublesome than having to chase invoices and submit VAT claims for post. Without the right information, finance teams just can’t get back what’s owed. SMART franking machines make it easy to get and provide that information.

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So, what next?

If you’re looking to add a SMART franking machine to your business – we can help. At DPS, we supply a range of digital franking machines suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Whether you need a low or high volume solution or a bespoke service that includes repair, maintenance and multi-site management, we have packages to suit your needs.

And – to make sure you make the right decision for your business – we’ve created a detailed eBook on evaluating postal solutions for your business. It’s free to download. Just click the button below.

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