What are the benefits of folder inserters?

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What are the benefits of folder inserters? ...

Picture this: you have hundreds of letters that need to be sent for your direct mail campaign. You’ve done the printing part, but now you have to package and frank it all before you can send it!

The collection van is outside, and the driver is getting impatient as you frantically try to package hundreds of letters.

But it’s too late. Your collection window has closed, and the driver has other customers to tend to.

It could have been different. If only you had a folder inserter.


What are folder inserters?

Folder inserters – also known as ‘paper folder machines’ - automatically fold and insert documents into letters quickly and efficiently.

They are absolutely essential for any busy mailroom periods and for meeting direct mail campaign deadlines and can increase the efficiency of your mail processing and management.

They also allow you to save money as you can automate the entire direct mail preparation process and reinvest finances elsewhere.

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What are the benefits folder inserters?

  • Speed

Folder inserters can prepare thousands of mail items in under an hour.


And that’s just the lower end of the scale.


Enterprise-grade folder inserters can package twice or even three times as many letters in the same time frame, and in various formats. These devices require no manual operation or training thanks to automation. Just turn it on, load documents and envelopes and press the start button.


If there are any duplicate or faulty mail items – advanced folder inserters (such as the DPS 85) will divert duplicates while the system is running. This ensures efficiency and reduces errors.

Lastly, if you’re in a hurry – these machines will save your configuration settings to memory for next use.


  • Automation

Folder inserters use feeders to drastically speed up the packaging process. This means multiple items can be processed and packaged at once.

If you have different documents, you can load them into different feeders. For example, if you have invoices and marketing/advertising collateral – say leaflets – they can be separated and pushed through separate feeders.

Another great thing is that some machines can be configured with a scanner to read markings or barcodes on documents that tell the machine how many items should be collated before folding and inserting them into a letter. For example, if you have two documents that make up one mail item, the folder inserter will scan the barcode on them and ensure they are packaged together.


  • Personalisation

Using text recognition, some folder inserters can automatically add personalised fliers or inserts onto mail for specific recipients. This enables you to tailor customer communications by adding targeted, personalised information without slowing down the mail preparation process.


  • Accuracy

As with any mechanical solution, the process is automated – meaning no human error. No mail going to the wrong person. No missing mail items. No incorrect addresses.

The folder inserter will cross-reference all of this information with your database (providing you are using 2D machine-readable barcodes on your mail) to ensure everything is correct.

This is especially important with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in full swing - sending confidential customer or business information to the wrong person could lead to huge fines.


  • Costand scalability

The upfront cost might seem expensive, but over its lifetime the machine pays for itself as you save the cost of paying employees to package mail items.

Furthermore, folder inserters can scale your mail processing. If your business grows or starts to invest more in traditional methods of communication, being able to accurately automate and process hundreds of items an hour will save your business time and money.

Folder inserters can empower your workers to take a more consultative and data-driven approach to direct mail activities, providing more value to your business and customers.


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