Top tips to save money on postage

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Top tips to save money on postage

If your business posts a large volume of mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, postage can cost a lot of money. There are, however, ways to keep your costs down to ensure you get the best value for your money and don’t overspend on your postage.

In this blog, we’ll share our top tips to help you save money on postage and optimise your mail processing.  

See how much your franked mail is costing you with our handy checklist.

1. Pack smart

When it comes to your mail, picking the right packaging can save you a considerable amount of money. The price of postage depends on size as well as weight – so, for example, if your item is classed as a Small Parcel, it will be a lot cheaper to send than a Medium Parcel – even if it’s the same weight!

I.e. if your parcel does not exceed the size of a Small Parcel (length 45cm, width 35cm, depth 16cm) and does not exceed the maximum weight of 20kg, it will be classed as a Small Parcel.

In a nutshell, consider the dimensions of what you are trying to send – if you are not sure, check the Royal Mail size guide!

Also, pick the right packaging! If you know your mail has to go the distance, you need to use packaging that will last and protect the goods inside.

 2. Start franking

Frankly, franking is probably the best method on the list if you want to cut down your costs on postage. Regardless of how much mail you send, you can find a model to suit your requirements. They are straightforward and can be topped up with credit at any time – saving you a trip to the post office. Typically, the savings obtained by using a franking machine for your mail/parcels is between 20-30% on unfranked mail/parcels.

Also, with more sophisticated franking machines, you can monitor your cost centres to get an overview of your daily, weekly and/or monthly expenditure on postage. This level of insight is tremendously beneficial if you are looking to cut costs or streamline your mail processing. Finally, franking machines are much, much more efficient than other postage methods – especially if you send a fair amount of post but not enough to warrant using a courier. You pay the right amount of postage in-house and drop your mail off at the post office or have it collected. Easy.

You may already have a franking machine but unaware of the savings it could provide. If that’s the case, take it out of the cupboard, dust it off and start using it! If you haven’t got a franking machine, it might be time to lease one (P.S. make sure you get one from a licenced supplier).

 3. Use a courier

If you are sending a lot of heavier mail/parcels, it might be more practical to enlist the services of a courier. In the past, the use of couriers was primarily by large businesses that could afford the service but in recent years, courier costs have come down significantly.

Royal Mail should still be your go-to for any delivery less than 2kg, but above that you will want to use a courier that is more affordable and reliable. Ideally, you should look for a courier who can insure your goods and protect them in transit. In addition, if you can guarantee a regular stream of deliveries for the courier, they might even offer another discount!

Make sure you shop around – there are plenty of discounts to be found online!

 4. Purchase packaging in bulk

Instead of buying packaging individually, buy in bulk. If you have a trusted supplier with whom you have been working with for a considerable amount of time, they may offer you a discount on large orders. Also, by buying your packaging in bulk, you pay one price now and have all the packaging you need ahead of your mail processing. It’s important to bear in mind the fact that the price might rise in the future!

 5. Monitor your spend

Do you know how much you spend on postage? Are you spending more than you should? As mentioned previously, you can monitor your daily, weekly and/or monthly spend with the right franking machines. Insight into your mail environment and expenditure will enable you to identify areas where costs could be cut and money saved. For example, with our F series franking machines, you can readily track, monitor and report on your expenditure – allowing you to identify potential cost savings by analysing postage spend by account, department or postage class. This level of detail will help you to streamline your mail processing.


Ultimately, a franking machine provides the best value for your money if you process small to medium volumes of mail. If you send large volumes of mail, the best solution would be a combination of a franking machine and a courier service.

Want to find out more? Our eBook provides a checklist for you to ensure that you receive the best value from your franking machine.

How much is your franked mail really costing you? A checklist for ensuring you're getting the best value from your franking machine.


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