Are you taking advantage of Business Mail Advanced?

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Are you taking advantage of Business Mail Advanced?

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of your postage one service worth considering is Royal Mail’s Business Mail Advanced (BMA), a flexible mailing solution for UK businesses sending more than 500 mail items. Whether you are sending statements, general correspondence, invoices, or otherwise, sending mail needn’t be time-consuming or costly – and with BMA, you can reduce your expenditure significantly. 

Using BMA, Royal Mail can automate the processing of your mail – saving them time and money, allowing them to offer discounted rates on your postage. In this blog, we’ll highlight just what BMA is as well as its clear benefits.

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What is Business Mail Advanced?

So, first and foremost, what is Business Mail Advanced (BMA)?

Business Mail Advanced (BMA) is a mail class from Royal Mail available for franking machine users that offers greater postal discounts. Business Mail Advance requires that users prepare and present their bulk mail – more than 500 items – according to certain criteria that allows Royal Mail’s mail technology to process your mail more efficiently.

Business Mail Advance works by providing discounts to users sending high volumes of letters (500 or more) in one transaction. The discounts are based on volume, so the more letters sent in a single transaction, the larger the discount. Qualifying mail items are cheaper than the Mailmark equivalent frank price.

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How can you use the service?

BMA is available to all franking machine users. To use the service, you first need to sign up for a Business Account with Royal Mail and then obtain a BMA licence to use it via your franking machine, something which we – DPS – can do for you.  

You need to have a Mailmark enabled franking machine as BMA requires the 2D Mailmark barcode as Royal Mail’s sorting machines read the barcode to determine the product, date, price paid and item number, as well as read your licence number to check letters for address accuracy and allocate a discount on a per letter basis.

Criteria for BMA discounts

For you to qualify for BMA discounts, you need to be sending a minimum of 250 large letters or a minimum of 500 letters. For letters, the dimensions are 240mm x 165 mm x 5mm. For large letters, the dimensions are up to 354mm x 245mm x 10mm.

To use the service, your letters must be presented in trays and have defined letter parameters – which essentially means having the name, address and location on the front of the envelope or mail item and printed on the bottom left-hand corner – as defined by Royal Mail.

Royal Mail also requires that certain areas on your letters are kept clear – these are called clear zones. Royal Mail will print barcodes onto these areas to help with the sorting process.

Finally, letters must be separated into 1st and 2nd class. Any items that do not follow the above criteria may fail to be sorted and you may be charged the standard price for franked meter items. If you have more questions about Business Mail Advanced, why not check out our FAQs

What discounts will you receive?

Discounts are applied on a per letter basis. There’s an additional discount of up to 7.5% based on the volume of letters you send. By preparing your mail in line with the above, you save Royal Mail time and money, allowing them to pass discounts onto you.

So if you send between 0-999 letters, you could receive a 15% discount, for 1000-2499 letters a 16.5% discount, for 10,000-24,900 letters a 20.5% discount, and for more than 25,000 a 22.5% discount.

Discounts are received automatically in the form of a rebate so you don’t have to do anything. You can access BMA discounts directly from your franking machine and we provide a full range of Mailmark enabled franking machines capable of applying the discount.

How can DPS help?

If you need help setting up your franking machine and signing up for Royal Mail’s BMA, we can manage both on your behalf. We can also recommend a franking machine that suits your business’ requirements – we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to you who will get to know exactly what you need and help you to find the best solution for your business.

If you want to find out more about our Business Mail Advanced services and how we can help, click here.

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