Seven cost saving ideas for office managers

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Seven cost saving ideas for office managers

Getting the best deal possible? Are you getting the best value for money when it comes to your franking machines, printing machines, ink and cartridges?

You may think you are getting the best deals on your current equipment, ink and cartridges, but when was the last time you looked at your expenditure? Spending less on your printers, franking machines, ink and cartridges does not necessarily mean lower quality. Check out our seven cost saving ideas for office managers and find out how you can reduce your equipment expenditure while maintaining quality.

1. Get your goods from one supplier

Purchasing all your goods from your franking machine supplier could give you access to discounts or reductions on your monthly payments. Building a long-term relationship with your supplier will also lead to further benefits down the line! They might even offer additional products and services as part of your package.

2. Consider whether or not you should buy or rent your equipment

Should you purchase or rent your printers and franking machines? Franking and printing technology has reached a point where even the simplest solutions can deliver tremendous benefits for your business and at a cost-effective rate. With this considered, it’s important that you assess your current requirements with regards to your franking and printing activity. If you print a large number of documents and frank letters and parcels frequently, buying rather than renting would be the logical option. Buying a franking machine or printer means you have full control over your equipment, free from the constraints that come with leasing or renting. There’s also the fact that there are no recurring costs and you are not tied into anything. On the other hand, renting a franking machine or printer is considerably cheaper in the short-term as there is no large upfront sum. A rental agreement could cost you as little as £14.99 monthly, according to Business Quotes – and you could get access to a 30% savings against stamps. In addition, most contracts will include machine maintenance and, once your contract is up, you can upgrade to a more advanced solution. With renting, however, you are tied into the contract for a period of time. Ultimately, when it comes to buying or renting your franking and printing equipment, you must evaluate your business’ current requirements and try to predict future business demand in the areas of printing and franking.

3. Match your hardware to your requirements

You want to get the right printing and franking solutions for your business. It’s pointless choosing hardware that can produce in excess of your weekly, monthly or yearly capacity. Spec for what you do on a day-to-day basis and spend your savings elsewhere. Think about how much you print and the printer’s duty cycle. Going beyond the printer’s duty cycle will lead to shortened hardware lifespans and increased maintenance.

4. Change what you print

Stop printing everything and anything and reserve your printer for the most important documents. Paper is not cheap – nor is ink. If you print large amounts of documents, find a supplier who can deliver you a discount on ink and paper for the year.

5. Get a franking machine

If you haven’t already – now is the time to switch. As a stamp user, you can save up to X% on your postage by simply switching from stamping to franking. Tracking your expenditure on postage is easy with a franking machine. Franking machines are also more efficient and can process huge volumes of mail quickly and accurately. Even basic models can offer major time and cost savings.

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6. Check your printers and franking machines regularly

There’s nothing costlier than your equipment breaking down in the middle of a task. Just because your machinery seems to be running smoothly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check to see if it’s running optimally and at the best of its ability. Regular machine maintenance – or preventative maintenance – will ensure your equipment is healthy and always operating at 100%.

7. Invest in the right, industry-approved consumables

Don’t buy cheap knockoff products. Try to get official ink and validated/compatible products. If you have acquired your franking machines / printers from another supplier, ensure you do some research into compatible inks and get the right inks. You can, of course, get cheaper compatible inks but they will not deliver the same level of quality. With this in mind, determine the level of quality you want from your printing and then buy the appropriate ink, rather than just buy ink only to find it does not deliver to the required standard That concludes our cost saving ideas for office managers who don’t want to compromise on quality. If you are looking for franking and printing solutions, or industry-approved inks and cartridges, please check out our products and services.

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