The complete printer buying guide for office managers

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The complete printer buying guide for office managers

Every business today has at least one printer. But what happens when that printer breaks down and the business needs a new one?

While the IT department will sometimes handle the issue, in many cases, the responsibility falls to the office manager.

Online research in theory makes it straightforward; but, as little to no input has been provided on what to look for, office managers can only really purchase new printers based on price.

Factors like page yield, energy efficiency, printer type and performance are all important to consider when it comes to purchasing a printer. So, to help office managers, we’ve compiled this short printer buying guide.

What is the size of the print group and how much is being printed?

This will help to determine if a low, medium or high-volume printer should be purchased. For example, a large print group (20+ people) that prints hundreds of documents a day will need a high-volume printer (or even two). This will ensure no document queues and high productivity.  

A small print group producing 5-10 documents over a week, on the other hand, might only need one low-volume printer.

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What’s being printed? 

This will determine printer type. If a team prints hundreds of text-heavy documents daily, the most suitable and cost-effective option would be a laser printer. Laser printers are designed for speed and text-heavy documents, handling fine lines and small fonts to produce perfect sharp black text.

For teams  printing image-heavy documents, inkjet printers are better and can print onto many different types of paper (making them great for advertising teams).

Knowing the differences between printer types and their applications will ensure that the right printer is selected for the department’s requirements.

Choose printers based on the cost of ink cartridges and page yield

The second step in our printer buying guide: don’t buy the cheapest printer possible.

It might sound counterintuitive, but cheaper units are almost always less efficient. Compared to slightly more expensive options, these printers use more ink which means more frequent cartridge replacements and higher costs.

Conversely, more expensive and efficient printers will use less ink/toner, resulting in fewer cartridge replacements and reduced costs.

So, it is worth selecting printers based on requirements and budget whilst also taking into account the cost of cartridges and page yield.

Think about energy-efficient printers

These printers are designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise productivity. Take KYOCERA’s range of energy-efficient printers, which use 40% less energy than comparable printers and use permanent cartridges to cut the cost of consumables by more than 50%.  

Though energy efficient printers might cost more at purchase, they easily pay for themselves after two or three months, especially in high-volume print environments, as energy costs are reduced and productivity increased.

Consider multi-functional devices (MFDs)

More and more businesses are purchasing a single MFD for their print, fax, copy and scan requirements.

MFDs might cost slightly more than individual devices but enable businesses to save on office space and on costs arising from consumables, maintenance and repair.

That said, an MFD would only be applicable in office environments where a variety of document tasks are being carried out on a regular basis, at a low or medium volume. A large workgroup (25-50 people)  would need to be split across several printers to ensure productivity remains at a high level.

Making informed decisions

Selection of the right printer starts with a comprehensive assessment of requirements. Understanding what each team needs, and current capacity, will allow office managers to make informed decisions and select the best printer for specific jobs.

At DPS, we provide a range of high-quality and energy-efficient printers for high, medium and low volume printing. We also offer multi-functional copiers, including economical options such as KYOCERA and D-Copia.

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