Introducing Print Management Solutions by DPS

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Introducing Print Management Solutions by DPS

The total cost of running an office printer isn’t limited to just the price of the machine – there’s also ink or toner to consider, the paper, maintenance costs; including replacement parts and off-site support. When it comes to evaluating the true cost of printing in the office, many businesses do not have a clear idea of what this includes.

You may have acquired a number of printers at a low price, but when all these other costs are taken into account, the expense can quickly add up.

At DPS, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to help our customers save money and drive business efficiency, which is why we now offer print and document management solutions for our customers. Our print management solutions are designed to help you to find the most cost-effective print solution that meets your needs.

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Reduce your printing expenditure

Are you aware of how much you spend on your in-house printing?

If you’re an existing DPS customer looking to determine your true expenditure on print and copy and want to reduce your costs, we can help.

We will conduct a free, 30 day, no obligation print and copy audit of your current printer and copy environment, using our print management solution to understand how much you are spending on in-house printing and turn your print data into actionable insights. Our audit software evaluates your document infrastructure and workflows to get an accurate idea of how much you are currently spending. You don’t have to outsource the audit process to another business; we can do it all for you. Following that assessment, we will work with you to develop a print and copy plan that suits your needs.

Finally, if you have expensive printers and separate leases for each one, we can consolidate the management of your print solutions into a single contract, so you only pay one set of interest that covers all of your devices.

With our print and copy software delivering the necessary insights, you can overhaul your existing print environment and identify what you require to drive efficiency and productivity. This includes reporting on print volumes, volume by printer, printer group/department, individual printers and much more to optimise your processes.

No outsourcing required

As mentioned previously, we can audit your current print environment for you and save you money and time in the process.. We’ll help you to restructure and optimise your print environment, minimising your downtime and further expenditure on support.

In addition, we can service more than one device, so if you have multiple printers across different departments, we can take care of them for you and provide you with a single invoice that covers all of the maintenance costs.

Get the efficiency and productivity you need

We will continue to work with you to help save money on your printing by selecting devices that are the most suitable for your business operations. Reduce your printing costs today. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you save money and optimise your print environment using our print management solutions.


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