How to choose a digital printer and copier

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How to choose a digital printer and copier ...

For most businesses, choosing a digital printer or copier comes down to one variable: cost.

Selecting the cheapest option may seem like a good idea in the short term, but doing so usually comes with some kind of risk or cost: maybe the equipment doesn’t work properly or doesn’t offer the features/capabilities you need. 

Often, it’s better to spend a little bit more to get the printer and/or copier you need, but where should you start?

Start by evaluating your print and photocopy requirements

One of the main issues businesses have when it comes to digital printers and/or photocopiers is a lack of understanding.

For example, how are current solutions being used across the business? Which consumables do the printers/copiers use? Which printer/copier functions do teams in the business need? What’s the printing/copying capacity? How often are there delays in the print cycle? Answering these questions will help to determine what type of printer/copier to purchase.


Conduct a print audit

To get answers to the above questions, you need to conduct a print/copy audit. A print/copy audit will enable you to:

  • identify where  costs can be reduced
  • determine which requirements need to be met and
  • forecast future needs (which is particularly important for a growing business).

Other factors to evaluate include understanding what needs to be printed or copied (and how quickly), the number of printers and/or photocopiers required, and which functions need to be upgraded.

Also, knowing how much is being printed or copied on a monthly basis will enable you to select the right size ink or toner cartridges. It’ll also give you a good idea of when cartridges need to be changed (saving you time and money).

Without this information, it will be difficult to calculate the true cost of printing or copying in the office.

Our eBook goes into more detail on how to conduct a successful print and copy  audit. Click here to download it.


Check out the market 

Digital printers and photocopiers come with a bunch of features nowadays: data encryption, wireless printing, ethernet connectivity, etc. but you should only look at features after evaluating your requirements.

For instance, if security is a major concern for your business, selecting a printer or copier that offers ID printing/copying and thumb recognition will help to prevent document theft.

So, start by carefully researching the solutions available. See if the features they offer are suited to your business’ requirements (both now and in the future) and go from there.


Remember: printers and copiers offer more than just the ability to print and copy documents. Think about how their features and functions can be leveraged to enhance your current document processes!

Want to learn more about how to choose a digital printer and copier, including how to evaluate the costs of consumables and what to look for in a supplier? Our eBook The Ultimate Guide to Digital Printers and Photocopiers provides all the information you need. Download it for free today!

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