How can a franking machine help to improve your business’ branding?

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How can a franking machine help to improve your business’ branding?

If you are conducting a direct mail campaign and are wondering how to improve it, reduce your expenditure, and enhance your business’ brand image, you might want to consider using a franking machine.

Why? Well, most modern franking machines allow you to print your logo, high-quality graphics and professional labels directly onto your mail, saving you both time and a lot of money on third party design materials. With high-volume franking machines you can quickly produce your marketing mail at scale – all with your business’ logo and any other relevant graphics or text – making it a cost-effective way to market your business and increase brand awareness.

Print mail is far more personal than email – and if you can get it right, it’s one of the best ways to generate interest in your business.

In this blog, we’ll share three ways a franking machine can help to improve your business branding.

  •  Printable business logos

You want your mail to look professional and appealing – so why not include your logo?

Adding your logo or brand to your post portrays a professional and authentic image of your business to the recipient and makes your mail more attractive and eye-catching. Most of us only receive plain letters with little branding – so adding a little flair to your mail will make it stand out!

  •  High-quality graphics

The quality of your printed graphics tells recipients a lot about your business – and high-quality imagery turns heads and retains attention. Most modern franking machines can print graphics, logos and messages onto your envelopes/mail at high resolution and in full colour. If you want your recipients to open your mail and engage with it, make it eye-catching. Being able to add high-quality graphics directly to your mail also removes the need to have it produced by a third party, reducing costs on graphics further.

  •  Simple, clean labels

Rather than create your own labels or write directly on the envelope, you can purchase high-quality labels from your franking machine provider that can be applied directly to your mail. These labels are designed to work with any franking machine that has text facility enabled and provide a crisp, clear and smudge-free print.

Providing your franking machine has text facility enabled, you can print directly onto the labels, allowing you to include your logo and a text message. You can include any text message you like – from greetings to wishing your recipients Merry Christmas.

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In addition to helping you save money on mail, franking machines provide practically free advertising for your business. Franking machines can do so much more than just frank your mail – and are a key staple for any business.

If you want to reduce your mail expenditure and improve your business branding, franking machines are a worthy consideration. If you are conducting a print mail marketing campaign and need a bespoke franking solution, why not get in touch and see how we can help?

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