Franking machines and the value of dedicated account management

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Franking machines and the value of dedicated account management ...

When it comes to your franking machine supplier, you need more than just a ‘supplier’. In an ideal world, your franking machine supplier should act as an extension of your business, an extension that helps you to get the most value out of your franking machine, access great discounts, support you in managing your business’ mail environment(s), and deliver franking services that are above and beyond other suppliers.

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On-site franking machine support, face-to-face consultation, online troubleshooting, flexible maintenance arrangements, an online support centre, training and installation, remote software support and much, much more, are all franking services that should come as standard – and you should not have to correspond with different people at your chosen franking machine supplier to get the support you need.

A single point of contact is essential. Rather than having to contact different people across each department at your chosen franking machine supplier, a dedicated account manager – someone who understands the pressures and challenges your business faces on a day-to-day basis – will help you to not only address key issues around your mail solutions but also help you to get the most value out of them.  

What are the benefits of having a dedicated account manager for your franking machine services?

  • Someone who understands your business intimately

A dedicated account manager will take the time to get to know your business inside out in order to provide a service solution that is right for you. This includes assessing your current print/mail environment, usage, monthly expenditure, current solutions/technology and what your requirements are.

In addition to this, as you only ever communicate with one dedicated account manager, you can rest assured that you will never need to explain your situation or requirements to anyone else – you can get straight down to business.

  • Tailored franking machine plans to suit your business

With a clear understanding of the pressures and challenges your business faces on a day-to-day basis, a dedicated account manager can construct a franking machine upgrade plan both for now – and in the future. These plans will help you to decide on the franking machines you need across the business and ensure that your business’ print and mail environment operates optimally.  

  • Access to specific business discounts

As the dedicated account manager is aware of your business’ mail operations and processing environment, they can help you to identify where costs could be cut and performance maximised. This is typically done through an audit of your business’ print and mail operations, providing you with insight into how every aspect is functioning and how much resource is being spent.

As you continue to work with the supplier, enlisting their franking services, specific business discounts and incentives are likely to be offered to you in recognition of your continued custom and to help your business cut costs.  

  • Around-the-clock support and next day support

If you are mailing throughout the day, every day, you need a dedicated account manager who can liaise with engineers to provide around-the-clock support as and when you need it. The right account manager will not only understand your business, but also the franking machines and be able to help troubleshoot, whether online, via mobile or face-to-face. Having a dedicated account manager as your main point of contact will allow you to expedite the support process as the account manager can quickly direct you to the appropriate engineer and prioritise your support request. Also, if you have a problem and need urgent support, you want to have an engineer on site the next day to resolve it for you – all of which can be done with a franking machine supplier that provides dedicated account management.


With the right franking machine solution in place and a dedicated account manager to assist where necessary, you can minimise downtime, maximise productivity, protect your investment and enhance your business’ print and mail environment. The problem, however, is that many franking machine suppliers do not provide this level of service as standard and is typically an added cost for businesses.

At DPS, we pride ourselves on our superior level of customer service, and we are the only franking machine supplier to provide dedicated account management and multi-site support for our customers. Our account managers are experts in the print and postal industry – and all enquiries will be dealt with over the phone and within eight hours.

To find out more about DPS and the franking services we provide, please click here.

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How much is your franked mail really costing you? A checklist for ensuring you're getting the best value from your franking machine.

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