Five office cost saving measures you haven’t considered

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Five office cost saving measures you haven’t considered ...

Looking to reduce office costs? Unsure of what you can do? Look at the smaller office functions! Every business wants to cut operational costs but many are guilty of overlooking the ‘smaller’ functions of the business where savings can be made quickly. Things like printing, photocopying, faxing, franking and scanning can cost businesses a considerable amount of money over a long period of time!

In this blog, we’ll highlight just why and how you can cut costs in these areas to save money and improve your operational efficiency. 

1. Cut costs on consumables

In most businesses, when office supplies and consumables run out, the office manager is promptly informed and asked to buy more of ‘whatever’; both the costs of replenishment and quality of the consumables are hardly ever spared a thought.

“Any consumables will do,” the CEO shouts across the office to the office manager, “just make sure we have them by tomorrow!”.

However, office supplies and consumables – paper and ink in particular, the most expensive office supplies – can be incredibly costly over a long period of time, especially in an office environment where printers and photocopiers are routinely being used.

Some businesses might be tied into a supplier contract wherein they regularly receive office supplies and consumables, but these consumables may be costly, deliver subpar quality or just not be compatible with the office systems.

On the other hand, office managers may not have taken the time to explore options on the market to identify a supplier that can deliver high-quality inks and paper at a better (and more competitive) rate. These businesses end up paying far too much over a period of time!

If you want to reduce office costs in this area, you need to analyse your current consumable and office supply usage and evaluate your current supplier. There are plenty of options on the market so it’s important to buy on the basis of quality and consistency, that way you ensure you get the best value for your money. Your supplier should be an extension of your business!

2. Cut costs on printing

Most businesses buy printers and plug them in – they never really consider just how much they are spending on acquiring printers and sometimes these printers fail to provide the functions or performance they need.

If you have a number of printers within your office the first step in reducing your printing costs is auditing your print environment. How much are your printers costing you? How efficient are they? Are they delivering a return on investment? Do they provide the features you need? Once you can answer these questions, you can then make a data-driven decision as to what printers you actually need – moreover, you will be able to find more efficient printing solutions that will reduce office costs over the long term.

You want to purchase printer solutions that meet your business requirements – no more, no less – so make sure you query your supplier to get the right deal!

3. Cut costs on photocopying

Photocopiers are another area where businesses spend a considerable amount of money, despite being more efficient than printers (more ink and generally larger – cost to performance ratio). A simple tip is to print instead of photocopying as it’s actually cheaper to print documents than photocopy them (this will also save a lot of ink).

Businesses should look to acquire more efficient, long-lasting photocopier solutions that utilise ink effectively and provide a range of business critical functions.

If you want to reduce your office costs, one cost saving measure is to acquire multi-functional devices (MFD). An MFD essentially combines photocopying, scanning, printing and faxing into one compact system, allowing you to reduce your running and office costs, as well as reduce the amount of space required for your print system. Also, an MFD is far more energy efficient and sophisticated than singular devices as they are designed to deliver multiple functions in the most effective manner.

4. Cut costs on maintenance and repair of printers, photocopiers, scanners

The problem is that businesses often spend far too much time – and money – calling up individual experts to maintain and repair their printers, photocopiers and scanners.

But all of this can be managed by the right provider as part of one simple package.

In addition to choosing the right printer, photocopier, fax machine, scanner or franking machine, you also want to find a supplier that can provide regular maintenance and repair services as part of your purchase. This will ensure that your systems are always up-to-date and if you have any issues, you have a dedicated expert who is just a phone call away.

At DPS, this is a service we provide. We can manage your printers, photocopiers, scanners and franking machines across multiple sites, ensuring smooth delivery across multiple locations.

5. Cut costs on mail and postage

Businesses sending at least 5-10 mail items a week should (ideally) have a franking machine. Even then, they should be using a Mailmark enabled franking machine to benefit from the discounts and benefits it provides.

Mailmark is Royal Mail’s cheapest franking mark and is essentially a 2D machine-readable barcode that replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die. Mailmark offers the potential to track mail location and delivery, as well as improve reporting and management of tariffs.

If you are sending a lot of mail items on a weekly basis, Mailmark could help save you a considerable amount of money over the long term, money you could then reinvest into your business’ print and document environment.

Those are our five office cost saving measures and areas where you can reduce office costs right away. Make sure you audit your print, photocopying, faxing and franking activities so that you can identify areas for improvement. Any money saved can then be reinvested into your business!

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