Evaluating the advantages of using a franking machine

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Evaluating the advantages of using a franking machine ...

Franking machines are used by businesses of every size and sector across the world. With so many franking machines on the market, each offering different functions, benefits and costs, which is the most suitable for your business?

The choice can be overwhelming – so how do you find the one that delivers the right benefits for your business?

In this blog we discuss the advantages of using a franking machine based on functionality, business requirements and suppliers.


Learning about franking machines

Franking machines enable businesses to accurately weigh their own mail and correctly assign the right amount of postage to an item. There are many types of franking machines available, from simple, low usage machines to larger automated machines. One of the main advantages of using a franking machine that is automatic or Mailmark-enabled  is that they use barcode technology to process large volumes of mail quickly and accurately. Further benefits include cost savings, customisation and precise reporting tools.

Learn more about the different types of franking machines available in our  ultimate franking machine guide.

Franking machines offer convenience by automatically calculating postage based on the latest rate as updates can be downloaded straight to most modern machines. Flexibility is another key advantage of using a franking machine; franking machines allow businesses to choose from a variety of mail sizes such as large letters, small parcels (including deep parcels), and medium parcels.


Evaluating franking machines

When selecting a franking machine, you should always consider your specific business’ requirements. This includes how often the business posts mail, the budget and future expansion plans.

It is important to consider functionality options.  For instance, the ability to create professional looking or branded mail (using business logos and graphics) is one of the main advantages of using a franking machine. This is likely to be a key consideration for businesses concerned with quality, such as an advertising agency that sends out promotional material.

On the other hand, businesses with significant security requirements such as government offices and accounting firms will benefit from an advanced franking machine that can add security in the form of a personal identification number (PIN) to ensure only authorised individuals can access franked mail.


Researching franking machine suppliers

When selecting a supplier, it is important to look beyond cost. To get the most out of your franking machine investment, you will need to view your supplier as a partner. This means selecting a supplier that offers a range of franking machine services as well as support agreements such as maintenance and inventory management. Suppliers offering expertise, support and a good product range will be better able to support your immediate and future business’ needs.

To find out more about what to look out for when selecting a supplier, take a look at our blog.

Franking machines can be acquired by buying or leasing. Both options offer benefits and the decision will ultimately depend on your specific business circumstances. The advantage of using a franking machine that is leased includes great maintenance and customer support services; plus, you can free up your capital expenditure. However, you may be limited in terms of choice of supplies for your franking machine as this must come from your supplier. Buying a franking machine is more expensive up-front but saves money in the long run as there are no monthly fees involved and you have greater control over how you use it, and which supplies you use.


Ultimately franking machines provide convenience, reduced expenditure on postage and the ability to customise and streamline your mailing activity. At DPS we provide high-quality franking machine services and support suited to your individual business needs – no matter how big or small. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Want to know more about the advantages of using a franking machine and the process of choosing the right franking machine for your business requirements? Our eBook ‘Evaluating postal solutions for businesses’ provides all the information and practical advice you need.  Download today!


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