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If you’re an office manager, we appreciate just how time-consuming and difficult it can be to source the right post and print management solutions for the office environment, especially if you are under pressure to run everything smoothly!

You might not be sure what devices are most applicable to your office environment or the consumables you need. In addition, you may have budgetary constraints to contend with.

Or maybe you’re the business’ sole IT administrator? You know exactly what post and print management solutions the office environment needs, but you need help setting it all up and managing it on an ongoing basis. There’s simply too much for you to do alone.

In both instances you want someone who you can trust to deliver the solutions you need and act as a partner to your business, not just a supplier.

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Thankfully, obtaining the right digital post and print management solutions for your business no longer needs to be a challenge. If you want the best solutions and advice available on the market, we can help support all of your business’ digital post and print management needs. 

We have an array of franking machines, printers and photocopiers. We also provide high-quality consumables, including inks – for franking machines, printers and photocopiers – and labels for franked mail. Finally, if you require repair or maintenance on your franking machines, printers or photocopiers, we provide dedicated engineers and multi-site management to help you get your post and print management solutions up and running.

In this blog, we’ll highlight all the services and solutions that we can offer your business.

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1. Franking machines to suit any business

Whether you process 500+ mail items a day or just a few a week, we can help you to find the most suitable franking machine for your needs. We offer both high, mid and low-volume franking machines (all of which come with intuitive technology) so there’s something for every business.

In addition, all of our franking machines are digital (allowing you to connect your franking machine via the Internet to the rest of your office infrastructure) and Mailmark ready, providing a futureproof solution for your business.

The majority of our franking machine products come from our manufacturing partner, Frama. Frama has over 45 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of solutions within the mail-processing sector.

If you have budget constraints, we also provide financing options to allow you to access the latest franking machine technology for your business for a small monthly fee.

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2. Sophisticated, top-of-the-line printers/photocopiers

Printers and photocopiers are long-time office staples – but often businesses acquire them without any real thought into the price or performance of the printers they choose, and think that any printer or photocopier will do.

There are different types of printers – inkjet, laser – and there are different types of photocopiers – black and white, colour, multi-functional – so you need to consider your requirements and evaluate the printers and/or photocopiers before you make a purchase. Ideally work with a supplier that has a variety of options, from high-performance units to energy-efficient units.

At DPS, we provide top-of-the-line printers and photocopiers, all of which are energy efficient and deliver high performance. In the event you cannot afford to purchase the printer or photocopier outright, we provide financing options – monthly fee based – to allow you to have access to the latest print management solutions.


3. Reliable, high-quality consumables

Ink and paper are two of the most expensive office consumables, but businesses need high-quality ink and paper if they are to achieve a good finish on their printed documents. Third-party, illegitimate ink, for example, can be a real problem for businesses and potentially damage machinery.

At DPS, however, we only provide high-quality consumables – ink, paper, franking machine labels – this includes approved third-party ink, giving you greater selection when it comes to ink cartridges.


Multi-site management and maintenance

Calling an engineer to repair your equipment – franking machines, printers, photocopiers – is expensive and time-consuming.

But what if you had a dedicated account manager who could send out a specialist engineer to your location as and when necessary?

DPS provides a dedicated account manager who can get you in touch with one of our expert engineers to fix devices across your business ASAP.

Furthermore, we also provide multi-site management – meaning our engineers can be sent to any of your business sites to undertake repair and maintenance, or help you to set up your post and print management solutions.

For more information about our post and print management solutions, please click here.

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