Should you lease or buy franking machines?

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Should you lease or buy franking machines? ...

When replacing your machine, it’s important to ask a number of questions. Are you on the right tariff? Would it be more beneficial to buy your franking machine out right? Or is leasing the best option? In this blog, we discuss the benefits of both leasing and buying your franking machine to ensure you get the best solution for your business needs.

Benefits of buying a franking machine

Buying a machine outright can initially be costly, however it may be worth it in the long run. Having full ownership of the machine eliminates both the additional and recurring costs that come with leasing. If you would like to purchase a franking machine on a budget, second hand machines are always an option. However, it is important to recognise the potential limitations of older equipment which might mean a second hand machine doesn’t meet your requirements. For example, all new franking machines are now SMART enabled, whereas older models may not be. If your franking machine is not SMART enabled and you’re a high-volume user, you could be missing out on postal discounts including Business Mail Advanced.

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Another important benefit of opting to buy rather than lease is to attain more control over how you use the machine. Machines that are rented may contractually require the use of specific compatible products, for example inks and labels – this could add to overall costs.  However, if you buy your machine you have complete ownership – including in the purchase of supplies.

Benefits of leasing a franking machine

Staying up to date with the technology is arguably one of the best advantages of leasing rather than buying a franking machine. Renting gives the option to update your machine as the business’ requirements change over time – this is hugely beneficial for small, yet growing companies.

Often, manufacturers will release newer models whilst writing off old ones, no longer producing compatible parts or items for your soon to be outdated franking machine. In this case, a leased model that has been made obsolete can be upgraded to a more suitable model. Rental contracts also usually include service and maintenance, which can be included in the monthly fee.

Leasing a franking machine can be a hugely cost-effective alternative to buying. A rental contract allows you to pay a monthly fee, with flexible agreements tailored to your needs.  You may also be able to test your product with a free trial, in order to ensure that your new franking machine meets the necessary requirements for your business.


Selecting the right franking machine is essential to your business’ needs; but it is something many companies overlook. When did you last review your franking machine, its capabilities and overall costs?

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