What are the benefits of Mailmark franking technology?

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What are the benefits of Mailmark franking technology?

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark, introduced by Royal Mail in 2014, is a new generation of franking mark that replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with a faster, machine-readable, state-of-the-art 2D barcode.

The 2D barcode contains readable information, including who sent the item, where the item is, and when it’s going out for delivery. The Mailmark barcode also provides what Royal Mail describes as ‘an extra dimension of information’, adding precision reporting and analytics to allow businesses to better understand the allocation of resources to the mail function, as well as custom reporting to check on the status of mail and the quality of address data. In order to use the Mailmark franking technology, a Mailmark-enabled franking machine is required.

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What are the benefits of Mailmark-enabled franking machines?

  • Efficiency

Using Mailmark’s state-of-the-art barcode technology, Mailmark-enabled franking machines – even the basic models – can process large volumes of mail quickly and accurately. Mailmark franked mail can be dropped at any Post Office – saving you a trip – or you can set up a regular business collection to streamline your mail activity and get the best value for money.

In addition to this, Mailmark-enabled franking machines automatically update postage rates. When Royal Mail change their postage rates for the year, you would normally have to call an engineer and arrange for a time for them to change it manually. However, with Mailmark-enabled franking machines, software is integrated into the franking machine that updates postage rates automatically if necessary, ensuring you are always up to date and paying the correct postage.


  • Cost savings

One of the main benefits of Mailmark is the postage rates that are available. Mailmark is considerably cheaper than buying stamps or pre-paid postage and the money saved on franking via Mailmark could then be allocated to different mail and print activities. Using Mailmark, you can save up to a third on postage costs – with a typical first-class Mailmark letter costing 12p less than a stamp.

You can also upload postage as credit, as and when you need to, and you can monitor your expenditure and franking machine usage to get informed insight into your print and mail environment. For more information on how much you can save by using Mailmark, please see Royal Mail’s price table – effective as of 26 March, 2018.


  • Insight into your mail environment

Data captured within the 2D barcode not only allows you to get insight into where your mail is and when it goes out for delivery, but also allows you to monitor your expenditure and report on your franking machine usage. Information is then compiled online via an online analytics dashboard – and in one click you can see when their mail has arrived or when it’s predicted to arrive. Having access to this kind of reporting can help you to improve your mail processes and identify where you can cut costs in relation to franking.


  • Flexibility and customisation

The Mailmark franking technology can be readily applied to letters, large letters, small parcels and medium parcels. As the printed postal town is not on the mail item, you can also post your Mailmark-franked mail via any Post Office or mail centre.

Finally, if you want to add a professional finish to your business’ mail, you can include your business’ logo on any mail you send out using a Mailmark-enabled franking machine.

Despite having been around for just four years, Mailmark is already the ‘franking standard for the future’ and is increasingly used by businesses that send large volumes and/or different types of mail. As a direct result of its effectiveness, Royal Mail has stated that more products and services that utilise Mailmark will be developed in the future. Purchasing, renting or leasing a Mailmark-enabled franking machine is a must for your business, especially as digital technologies for mail analytics and performance reporting are incorporated into the process!

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